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SEPTEMBER 22, 2000 | SEPTEMBER 23-24 | SEPTEMBER 25th-30th | Contact Maryworth

The hospital was great, but want to go home!!!!


Saturday, September 23 & Sunday, September 24

We all know how terrible hospitals can be, and as much as we wanted to get home, we were WELL taked care of (I know, don't end your sentences in a preposition....yes, we'll teach her that!).

Jennifer spend a little more time in the labor and delivery section of the hospital after Maryworth was born. They don't call it labor for nothin'. After about a 2 hour stay in the L&D room, it was time to go to the Mother-Baby room on the 4th floor.

All the nurses were just great...we mean ALL of them! From Labor to discharge (hospital discharge that is!). Jennifer was poked, stuck, and pulled...and was a great sport. Maryworth was poked, stuck, and pulled...and of course, was a perfect angel.

3 days in the hospital can be hard on a new family...but everyone at Mission/St. Josephs made it easy...and we want to thank them all...