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SEPTEMBER 22, 2000


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It was 11:30pm on Thursday September 21st....I had just gone to bed and Jennifer was still sitting on the couch. then all of a sudden..."Honey, Honey, HONEY....MY WATER JUST BROKE!!!" I jumped out of bed and ran into the living room to see Jennifer just standing there laughing! Well, I just had to laugh with her! We just stood there for a minute laughing our heads off!

Then Jennifer got the bright idea to call the doctor. We finally got in touch with Gigi Evins (Jenn's OBGYN). She asked if contractions had started, and they had not. so Dr. Evins told us to wait a while and see if contractions started.

Meanwhile, Jennifer was pouring water all over! Towels, towels, and more towels! finally, at about 1am, the contractions started. We tried to count and all that, but we knew it was time. So, another call to the doc, at she said to come on down and she would meet us there.

"Slow down honey," Jennifer said in a loving voice. "We have plenty of time Roney" We finally arrived at the hospital at 3:00am. Jennifer looked so ready, that they immediately sent her to labor and delivery. 4 centimeters and rising! At 4:00am epidural time! 10:00am PUSH!!!!! 11:40 am Maryworth!