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Weaverville Home

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How It All Started

Homeowners tell their side of the story...

"We got a long road to hoe baby." That's what I said to Jennifer after we decided to go through with this! It all started in June of 1999. With Windex and Clorox in hand, we turned the key to the front door (yep, you guessed it, the key didn;t turn). After an hour of jimmering and a little cussing (under my breath of course), we opend the front door.


The first time we saw the house, we were in shock. While jennifer was busy trying to decide where the baby's room would be, I was looking for a place to put the corner cupboard, the canoe-shelf, and the TV!


Painting of the house done in 1999 by a local artist.



Jennifer and Roney Hilliard, Weaverville, North Carolina