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Encore Antiques SILVER EDITION

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Welcome to Encore Antiques...Our SILVER EDITION

This special Encore Antiques SILVER EDITION site is for our Ebay customers who have asked us give them photos and descriptions of silver items they may be interested in purchasing before we auction them. If you do not want to be on this list, please email us and we will leave you alone. We will update this special site as time allows..thanks for visiting! Roney

During our Ebay auctions, many of our auction customers have asked us to give them an alternative site on which to view upcoming auctions and have the opportunity to buy some of our more unusual items before we place them on Ebay. This site is for those of you who have a particular interest in Silver items.

Our current silver items for direct sale are located on the left in the green section...just click and you're there!

We'll use this site to introduce our Ebay auctions and explain the pieces we will offer at future auctions on Ebay. People don't want to spend time figuring out what a business does, so our home page will highlight the most important features of the items we plan to auction in the future. We'll think of our home page as a kind of portal, giving our customers the information they want at a glance, and offering those items before we auction them. We will offer many of these items for 7 days before we put them on Ebay...if you are interested in any item, please email us at the link below.

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Encore Antiques located near Asheville, North Carolina

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